Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Whats in a life without freedom
whats in a song without rhyme
whats in a day without sunshine
whats in a clock without time.

whats in a night without moonlight
whats in a bird without song
whats in a flower without scent
whats in a right without wrong.

whats in a rhyme without reason
whats in a relationship without trust
whats in a spring without summer
whats in a living without a crust.

whats in a church without God
whats in a sky without clouds
whats in a heart with no soul
whats in a match with no crowds.

whats in a World without hope
whats in a dessert without sand
whats in a sea without water
whats in a tree without land.

whats in a marriage without love
whats in a rainbow without gold
whats in a planet without people
whats in a story untold.

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