Saturday, 5 September 2015


What is it like to be a dog?
with work, rest, and play
eating and sleeping a major factor
in each and every day.

Jumping up on his master
bringing his favourite toy
having being left when you go to work
you hope he will "be a good boy"

Relying on you to make his life
complete and full of fun
from the minute you wake up
till you take him on his run.

Getting a treat for being good
or scolded for being bad
you cant help but love your boy
even when he's looking sad.

The work is hard, the day is long
but the pleasure you get is cool
all he wants is to be loved
and play the doggy fool.

Wagging tail a joyful greet
it never seems to cease
that's worth more than anything
it brings you so much peace.

Dogs are mans best friend
that no one can deny
you care for them for many years
and your on a constant high.

This is my wee pal Oscar, he is a loving wee dog, we have to appreciate the love these animals give, it is always unconditional, they make your life special, each day, always love your pets.

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