Friday, 10 July 2015


Overcome by darkness
feelings of no hope
wishing your life away
knowing you can,t cope.

Afraid to waken daily
never happy with your life
medication not working
cutting like a knife.

Frightened to ask for help
even from your friends
family think your jolly
thats what the message sends.

This illness is killing me
no hope do I see
its all about negativity
my mind is not free.

Doctor after Doctor
appointments are flowing
and still the pain
is growing and growing.

No light in the tunnel
blind cold dark
having mental issues
is no walk in the park.

If you can relate
and you feel there's no chance
be open-minded to people
of all circumstance.

Mental health affects millions of people in different ways, some go through life managing, whilst others are at the point of no return, it is for everyone suffering Mental illness i write this short poem, know there are people out there that can help you, do not suffer alone.

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