Sunday, 21 December 2014


Tinsel flickering under coloured lights
baubles spinning in awsome delight
the smell of the turkey wafting around
everyone happy, love all around.

Gifts piled under the Christmas tree
pets and children , running free
the atmosphere electric, family day
Grandpa humming amidst the foray.

Christmas hats worn, crackers pulled
the gifts are lavish, no one fooled
its time for dinner the table set
a turkey leg given to your faithful pet.

The music is loud, voices are low
a hug from your sister and little bro
mum and dad laughing, glasses full
Christmas is amazing , everything cool.

A special day comes one a year
when humanity forgets the fighting and fear
guns and weapons are set aside
on this happy day of Yule tide.

Look after your neighbour, visit the old
bring them in from the winter cold
offer a hand and make them feel warm
do something different, forget the norm.

Everyone is human we should never forget
no one should feel lonely smothered in debt
Happy Christmas to the World, and all around
make this Christmas joyous and sound.

Merry Christmas everyone... Happy new Year ....

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