Monday, 24 February 2014


Homes in England during the flooding.

Winds blow off the scale
rain batters the land
people struggling to keep afloat
sand bags filled by hand.

Water flowing everywhere
damaging everything in sight
pensioners trapped at home
businesses facing plight.

What has happened to our World
 and what can we do to make amends
by looking after our planet
setting brand new trends.

Earth is getting warmer
the ice caps melting fast
its time to take some action
or we aint gonna last,

Governments must act
before its all too late
we will see our own demise
seal our only fate.

Humanity must be aware
that only we can act
through diplomacy and speed
decision and tact.

Lets all save our planet
and join together as one
or someday we may awake
and find there is no sun.

The United Kingdom has went through a very bad season of flooding, some parts of the UK have been submerged for months, property has been damaged, business have suffered people have had to b re homed because the floods have made them homeless. We need to take action and quickly before we are all left homeless to ever changing environmental issues.

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