Monday, 7 October 2013


What a World we are living in
fighting, killing a major sin
who cares who lives or dies
not our leaders thats no surprise.

Bombings Gassing, guns that roar
kids diving on the nearest floor
women cowering in bomb blasted shells
the sound of screams the bloody smells.

When will it end? when man is dead?
will we never be happy when all is said
what is worth living for in this age?
not death or killing or violent rage.

No one is safe anywhere in this World
terrorism rife, evil unfurled
going about your business, trying to care
taking that extra step love is rare,

More and more camps filled each day
gone are thier identity, their homes, thier way,
a once peaceful life shattered and gone
now they have nothing to frown apon.

Will this World ever be without strife?
nothing is sacred, not even life
will our kids be left anything were they can succeed
before its destroyed at an uncanny speed.

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