Thursday, 6 June 2013


The sun makes you smile
makes you feel good
it feeds us energy
gives plants their food.

We sit there for hours
trying to get some tan
eating ice cream
from the ice cream van.

Slowly but surely
we turn bright red
setting up barbecues
waiting to be fed.

The kids are screaming
chasing each other
we even find peace
between sister and brother.

Carefully we protect our body
with lashings of sun lotion
the rays soak it in
with surprising devotion.

Red noses prominent
when the night falls
red raw bodies
live yogurt calls.

Be careful of the sun
it can cause you to become ill
the consequences of burning
to swallow the bitter pill.

Take it in small doses
and you will be fine
go into the shade sometimes
don't cross the line.

It is there to enjoy
we do not get enough
the weather in this country
can be wild and rough.

The sun makes us happy
it gets you outdoors
its a change from the rain
when it comes and pours.

We have witnessed a good spell in the UK for a change, the sun has been out, and hot, but remember to make sure you protect your body, as you do not realise how much rays you actually receive, and what damage it can do. enjoy responsibly like all the fine things in life.

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