Monday, 8 April 2013


She was loved and loathed by millions
her policies were sometimes hard
the first British female Prime Minister
holding the highest card.

At the beginning she was in a “mans world”
determined by her peers
but this lady wasn't going anywhere
living her hope and fears.

As hard faced as she sometimes was
she would never be one to back down
she wanted Britain to be great again
and took everyone to Town.

Her policies were fierce
she ruined many hopes
her determination was concrete
had many against the ropes.

Industry was finished
privatisation paved the way
unions were destroyed
no one had a say!

She went to war with Argentina
for an island Britain owned
fearless of the consequences
the World never moaned.

Some called her the iron lady
she never backed away from a fight
liaisons with super powers
and aware of the cold war plight.

Admired by presidents
in a mixed up world of pain
she never made a “u turn”
some said she was insane.

Miners were destroyed
their living taken away
everyone was powerless
back in the awful day.

She made the rich richer
the poor once again drained
she was known as “thatcher the milk snatcher”
who couldn’t be refrained.

Margaret Thatcher the "iron lady" passed away today, love her or hate her I am sure we will all agree she was one of the toughest Prime Ministers of our time, R.I.P Maggie maybe you will still have your say upstairs.

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