Saturday, 16 March 2013


The journey was long
miles of tedium
the music was dull
the speaker on medium.

The driver was young
itching to speed
his brain saying “go for it”
suppressing the need.

His passengers were asleep
he had no one to talk to
the time passed slowly
tiredness coming through.

When will this end
Motorway distress
trying to keep alert
mind in a mess.

Suddenly out of the blue
a car comes behind
flashing his lights
out of his mind.

He then takes over
on a single lane
splashing the screen
with the pouring rain.

The driver gets angry
he then speeds up
one passenger awakes
like a sleepy pup.

He tries to take over
on the single lane
but an oncoming lorry
comes like a speeding train.

The driver swerves
but its too late
he hits the lorry
and meets his fate.

Two have died
two seriously ill
the cost of foolishness
the bitter pill.

Too many drivers these days love to race, they goad each other until one or the other reacts, the ending is never good, be a careful driver and mind your speed, never let anyone else dictate how YOU drive it can be fatal.

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