Saturday, 15 December 2012


Christmas is around the corner
the decorations are bright
a time for peace
for to share the light.

Its not all about money
or expensive treats
its love and harmony
every heart beats.

The time of Christmas
is a children s delight
they come together
hardly a fight.

Wishing for their dream
under Christmas lights
colored Christmas paper
wondrous sights.

Hoping they get
what they always wanted
a years full of promise
parents taunted.

The look on their face
once the paper is torn
a face full of warmth
just like when they were born.

But don't forget the less well off
as they struggle to survive
no money or gifts
barely alive.

Give an extra present
to the poor or the old
who struggle to live
in the bitter cold.

Christmas is for giving
to make us feel good
sitting around the table
eating the food.

So when your merry
the mulled wine brewed
tucking into your Turkey
or Christmas food.

Go visit your elderly neighbor
bring them some cheer
include them in the festivities
share a beer.

Here we are again folks, Christmas time, a time for celebration, good food, wine and cheer, spare a thought for the less well off young families struggling to make ends meet, the elderly scared to move from their home, shivering under a blanker because they cannot afford the utility bills, why not make it a special year for them too.

I wish all my lovely readers a safe, happy and prosperous Christmas and new year and a huge THANK YOU, for all your support in 2012..

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