Monday, 12 November 2012


Winter is here
comes so fast
the summer gone
it didnt last.

The Homeless fear
of endless cold
cowering for shelter
including the old.

Were will they go?
what will they do?
are we concerned?
not me or you.

Cardboard jungle
pitiful sights
forgaing for food
alcohol fights.

Many go missing
missed by who?
were do they go?
what do they do?

Begging on streets
annoyance of the rich
build them a hovel
give them a ditch.

Angry shoppers pestered
while buying their wares
hands in their face
ashen stares.

What do we do?
when hard times fall?
lying in entrances
feeling small.

Moved on by the law
nowhere to sleep
snow lying thick
hardened tramps weep.

Spare a though for these guys
who may not have a choice
on the streets all year round
never having a voice.

Winter has came along very quickly, this time of the year we witness thousands of people sleeping rough, starving, cold and desperate.
While we start the festive season, buy all our gifts, prepare for a warm family celebration, please remember, there are always people less well off than us, and sometimes through no choice they have to sleep rough.

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