Saturday, 3 November 2012


Muffled cries of a baby
that no one wants to hear
no one ever listens
or sheds a tear.

Hungry and unkempt
Mother is out
left alone in fear
cannot shout.

Born to a World of pain
drugs and drink
God knows who the Father is
no time to think.

Just want to be loved
cared about
held in your arms
have no doubt.

But you want to drink
to forget about me
how I hold you back
you could be free.

When you do come
to take me out
its to visit your friends
and your "tout"

I am but an end
to your miserable existance
I bring you benefits
and hold no resistance.

Is it so hard for you to care?
to feed me, keep me warm
your eratic lifestyle will bring you down
judging by your form.

Someone take me away
give me some hope
I will die soon
as you smoke your dope.

My hunger and tears
are a thing of the past
I will leave this place
in peace at last.

You will follow me soon
you lifestyle dicates
I will meet you in Heaven
at the big high gates.

It is sadly a way of life, young girls having babies, whos lifestyle are rocky with drugs and drink, It is coming up to children in need in the UK, so this poem is a timely reminder of the anguish of child abuse of all kinds, it is up to us and future generations to stamp it out.

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