Friday, 19 October 2012


lulled into a false sense of security
taken from a home they know
promises of a life of money
a chance to make them grow.

Everything paid for and more
from poverty to a good life
"you will want for nothing"
you can also bring your wife!

Crushed in pokey vans
with little or no air
driven to tiny sqauts
no one will even care.

Uneducated young children
brought to a strange place
who will ever miss them?
kids fallen from grace.

Used for cheap labor
for companies who don't ask why
groomed for prostitution
no protection will apply.

What are the Government doing?
to end this illegal act
never went through immigration
no dignity intact.

Thousands of people kidnapped
expecting a life so good
the choice of accommodation
the promise of substantial food.

The horror of this act
is aired in public voice
but still it always happens
somtimes with no choice.

Industry growing well
from people working for a song
this isnt helping the economy
Employers are doing wrong.

In a World of uncertainty
the horrors still carry on
the evil of people trafficking
is always frowned apon.

The growing industry of Human trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions, thousands of children are being illegally brought into this country for either prostitution or slave labour, the Government need to address this horror as it grows each day, it will always happen as long as we shut our eyes and pretend we do not know.

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  1. I love it, specially these lines was awesome,
    Crushed in pokey vans
    with little or no air
    driven to tiny sqauts
    no one will even care.

    Be blessed :)

    1. thanks very much for your visit friend and kind words :)


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