Monday, 3 September 2012


Looking through "blinkered" eyes
you don't see much around.
nothing much satisfies you
nothing new is found.

All you see is blackness
a vision ready made
forced to see the ugly things
never seems to fade.

No one can set you free
and wouldnt anyway.
they are all too busy in their World
selfishly having their way.

like a nightmare never ending
your a prisoner in your own demise
never seeing daylight
wishing to see blue skies.

Your being held captive
like a lock without a key
your in a place you don't want to be
knowing you can never be free.

The only person that can free you
is yourself if you have the will
you must do it on your own
the poison you must spill.

This poem is about people who only see the negative things in life, they are stuck in a rut and the only way out is if they start to think positive. I bet you have met lots of people who would fit the above poem :)

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