Friday, 3 August 2012


The cheers can be heard for miles
as the spectators take their seat
there isn't another place in the World
able to hold this "feat"

Countries taking part
in the greatest show of the day
games all coming together
every night and day.

Athletes training hard
to make their country proud
spectators screaming them on
with voices proud and loud.

The awards are coming fast
sport knows no other celebration
than clasping a golden medal
through utter spirit and frustration.

The music is set to loud
as the runners set the stage
faces of sullen determination
body filled with rage.

Run fast for their lives
as the crowd cheers them on
the winning post is near
proud flags laid upon.

When it comes to the end of the events
the winners have their day
countries have played together
forgetting the foray.

Peace can come to the World
if we let it take its pace
there is no need for man to run
or win any race.

As Britain look back at the moments
when fellow athletes played the game
they did it for humanity
not for any fame.

So after the games are over
when we all go about our life
lets try to be loving and supportive
and stop all the strife.

The Olympic games bring harmony in this World, every time they are played, instead of us all at each others throats we are fighting together for one cause and thats World peace.
Congratulations to all the men and women who have brought us a magnificent set of games ,played fairly and won fairly, we salute you all. :

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  1. Aha...Perfectly timed at this point of time Olympic. And yes, its not the gold or winning that matters. Its the spirit with which countries played matter. :)
    Love it.
    Posting my link, hope that's OK.
    zhoniu's Art

  2. hi friend, how kind of you to send me a comment, yes a time when the world comes together, and yes by all means post your link, thanks again friend :)


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