Sunday, 3 June 2012


We all go through life
day by day
hoping it gets better
on our way.

We meet new friends
who stop to say hello
it makes the World turn
allows it to flow.

But some are cruel
poisoned by hate
making life hell
of which they create.

They can bring us down
be negative, be down
we want to survive
don't wanna drown.

For those we must lose
go our own way
think for yourself
have your own say.

Better to be alone
get on with life
grow day by day
than die by the knife.

Jealousy lives
in this uncertain age
its human nature
governed by age.

From when time began
hate was born
human nature shattered
ripped and torn.

Be who you are
don't copy the sad
its better to be nice
you will be glad.

There are so many people out there still living in the Stone age, their morals are poor, they are negative and try to bring you down to their level, we need to be strong and think for ourselves. Sadly people are still being bullied even when they are elderly, this isnt a nice World to live in when these things go on.

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