Thursday, 21 June 2012


What do we have to do?
to allow animals to survive?
poachers are killing everything
the law can't keep them alive.

Rhinos are facing extinction
they cannot roam free
countries are still using ivory
why cant they let them be?

Its illegal to use ivory these days
but for some this isn't the case
ornaments, and other valuables
the rich always chase.

Authorities cannot secure
the land were rhinos roam
not enough manpower to watch out
at their native home.

Rhinos taken from zoos
to return to their home land
to try and let them breed
enclosed by mans hand.

We need to get a grip
bombard governments with our concern
or nothing will be left
and we will never learn.

I watched a sad documentary on tv about the possible extinction of the Rhino in Africa, poachers are killing them for their horns, some sad countries, you know who you are, are still using tusks and horns to make valuable baubles for the rich.
Soon nothing will be left, animal populations will dwindle into extinction.

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