Friday, 27 April 2012


Everyone needs sunshine
for spirits to rise and glow
people need positive attitudes
to make you bloom and grow.

Everyone needs food to survive
be it vegetables, meat or fruit
for some there is one or the other
as meat it may not suit.

Everyone needs to be loved in life
feel wanted, even if only a hug
its part of the ritual of mankind
being bitten by a beautiful bug.

Everyone needs companionship
even a "hello" to a stranger passing by
kindness costs nothing but a lowly word
and a courteous glance with your eye.

Everyone needs civility
even when your not in the mood
smile as you go through your day
it is valuable, and does some good.

Everyone needs each other
or else what is the use?
so thank your lucky stars for love
and forget any excuse.

Everyone needs to sometimes vent
to get the bad things out
raise your arms, cry out loud
batter a punchbag about.

Everyone needs a lot of things in life in order to tick over, sometimes good, bad, or just unlucky, all scenarios are there and it is up to us how we work on them..

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