Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Concrete Jungle
were there is no hope
no prospects ahead
just a life with dope.

Criminals are rife
no one cares
the well off drive by
and everyone stares.

Unemployment soars
living off the state
nothing to live for
no jobs they create.

Kids grow wild
tearing things apart
dogs run ownerless
nowhere to start.

No sign of greenery
trees chopped down
masses of stone
a desolate Town.

Police coast daily
numerous arrests
single mothers pregnant
after taking the tests.

No one goes to school
their education lost
millions of taxes
counting the cost.

Government ignores
these shocking places
a seperate community
blackened faces.

Centres closed down
no money to spare
then they wonder why
no one will care.

Barbed wire fences
around the estate
shops with metal windows
scared of their fate.

Muggings every night
scared to go out
doors fully bolted
from fear and doubt.

What is the answer?
no one knows
were poverty breeds
negativity grows.

There are many places we can all relate to, were it is like the land that time forgot, poor areas are all over the World, places were the forgotten are left to cope with poverty, unemplyoment, and neglect,sadly in 2012 these places still exist, people are left to get on with it amidst criminal activity, high child birth, and lack of education.

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