Saturday, 4 February 2012


wake up
to a sideways World
alarm still beeping
toes curled.

One foot out
of the cozy bed
frozen solid
starting to dread.

Where is your nightgown
plumped on the chair
too far to reach
your body is bare.

Run to the lou
damn its cold
whether your young
or getting old.

Turn on the shower
water uninviting
must get in
damn its frightening.

Too lazy to shave
the night before
so you must do it now
then run out the door.

No time to eat
you took your time
the weather takes its toll
when in your prime.

Be organized this time
do everything at night
or suffer the same shit
in the break of light.

The long cold winter mornings take their toll, I bet all of you who read this go through the same day in and day out, at least when the weather is warmer we can cope, but when its freezing its a nightmare, isnt it? lol

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