Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Blissfully we seek harmony
whats wrong with that?
peace for every nation
we need it stat.

War amongst people
almost everyday
just because Governments
won't let them say.

We all have a right
to live without fear
to cherish and love
all we hold dear.

But war won't let us
it sneaks in the door
the horror, the murder
worse than before.

What is the answer?
no one really knows
so we settle for bloodshed
and take all the blows.

Will anything be left?
as we destroy all around
will peace ever win
can love be found?

Wake up and smell the coffee
it could happen to you
once civilised countries
are torn and blue.

It's hellish to see
when you turn on the news
people dying
turning the screws.

It appears the World is on the brink of disaster, wars still ravage certain countries, people are dying daily, and no one seems to have the answers?

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