Sunday, 26 February 2012


He tried very hard to fit in
but no one gave him a chance
a new guy in a new hood
a new life he hoped to enhance.

Forgetting the bad times he had
in that old horrific life 
all he wanted was peace
an end to the strife.

Attending many schools
they always got their way
his life was made hell
nearly every day.

A fight that ended in death
they called it self defense
but no one would ever forget
it never made any sense.

Another kid pulled a knife
he had no choice at all
having to defended himself
or he would probably fall.

Reputation followed him
no matter were he went
always leading to challenges
with no peaceful intent.

Someone bigger and stronger
wanted to take him on
but always he would avoid them
before the day had gone.

Eventually he had to pull out
be educated out of school
despite his reputation
he wasn't any fool.

One mistake in your life
follows you all your days
no one ever forgives you
no matter what anyone says.

I bet a lot of people can relate to this poem, either personally or they know of such a person, everyone deserves a second chance in life, we are often to quick to judge.
one mistake can follow you forever, especially when you are young and have to go to school, college or University.
Thanks for reading :)

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