Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I long for the time
when the sun will shine
when the days are longer
everything is fine.

To get rid of Winter
and all it entails
when you start to dream
and nothing fails.

The sun makes you smile
your alive  when you wake
fills you with energy
gives you a break.

The rays give you color
when your outdoors
go for nice walks
open  doors.

The fresh smell of spring
through an open window
things come alive
then  lovingly they grow.

As the long spell fades
of cold and ice
there's nothing more beautiful
when the weather is nice.

So lets look forward
to the sun shine days
when all is harmonious
and will amaze.

It has been a long long winter as always, its always nice when you start to see the spring growth in your garden, it is indeed a sign of better weather to come. A time when the days are longer and brighter and there is heat in the sun.

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