Saturday, 7 January 2012


He met her on the corner
of a street in his Town
a girl of no substance
a face with a frown.

He tried to talk to her
she ignored his every word
he didn't want to give up
looking feeble and absurd.

Day by day he stopped
sometimes just for a glance
going out of his way at times
hoping to meet her ,by chance.

Her very being enthralled him
he never wanted anything more
determined never to give up
to even up the score.

But still she denied him
she wanted to be left in peace
the mystery around her deepend
a jigsaw completed with a remaining piece.

One day he walked right by her
tried staring into space
her eyes were like caverns
deep black with no disgrace

The day had finally arrived
she vanished without a trace
could she have been in his imagination?
this girl without a face.

Does this happen? probably yes.

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