Friday, 27 January 2012


These days we worry about
whether we can eat or not
bills are piling up high
little money have we got.

nowadays bills come first
as we try to rob Peter to pay Paul
children are going hungry
even the mighty can sometimes fall.

Governments screw the poor
taxes have to be paid
the rich always get richer
as bread lines are always made.

Hard working families deteriorate
luxuries are very rare
children do not understand
why the table is bare.

As the Years come and go
we wonder will things get better?
prices rise, money is tight
it's a World for the young trend setter.

Jobs are hard to come by
benefits are into reform
but it's always the working class
who suffer by the norm.

What is left for our Children?
when little or no work is around
even for the highly educated
who Years go were sound.

We have to live in hope
be positive every day
you get your say at voting time
then the public get their way.

As we listen to the news these days we all get a little depressed, Companies are laying off employees, the Benefit system is being reformed, and prices do nothing but rise, so what is the future for our kids? it is looking grim.

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