Monday, 31 October 2011


Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins
are set to come out tonight
horror will unfold
in the dead of night.

Thunder and lightning
ravage the darkened skies
pumpkins burn all night long
ready for a surprise.

Kids dressed like demons
ready for trick or treat
hands like razors
large webbed feet.

Knocking on the doors
of  terrified humans within
screaming at the mere thought
whilst banging on the bin.

Sweets are given freely
to avoid the horror outside
its better to give in at once
don't bother with your pride.

Witches gather in covens
brewing up their spells
hob goblins at their side
rising from deepened wells.

Sleep is an issue
on this spooky of nights
everyone at the ready
to give each other frights.

Stay safe on this horror fest
be with an adult or two
enjoy the tradition of shock
as it will come to YOU.

This is the time of year when spooks take over, its really cool to see all the local kids dressed up in all sorts of guises to terrorise the neighbourhood on Halloween.
Like all traditions it is not as popular here in the UK as it is in the USA, but there are lots of kids who look forward to this time of Year, be safe kids and always go trick or treating with an adult or two.


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Sunday, 30 October 2011



It's time to say goodbye
to the master of nature trails
from young to old
he loved chasing tails.

A big softy was he
loved by all he knew
his runs were famous
through the grass he would often chew.

A beautifully natured dog
taking care of his master
through the nature trails he walked
sometimes running faster.

Digging holes was his game
or lying on the porch
Uriah you will be missed
we will always carry a torch.

Barking in and out of trees
chasing all he could
jumping over huge tree trunks
as high as he could.

Meet your old friends
in nature in another place
enjoy your new life
glorify the chase.

Goodbye faithful friend
run free in your new domain
never worrying about the climate
or the pouring rain.

Sadly, my friend informed me today that her faithful loving dog Uriah passed away in his sleep, he had a good life, mentioned in all Gerardines  nature trails, his antics kept many readers engulfed in a trail of natures beauty almost on a daily basis, it is always sad when we lose pets close to our heart, it is painful, you feel a great loss.


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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Torn between emotions
scared to live
nightmares real
your soul can't forgive.

Strong feelings of fear
forgetting the task
to continue or not?
wearing the mask.

Being a shell
fragile, tender
turning to booze
daily bender!

Drowning reality
knowing what you are
falling off a stool
in a seedy Bar.

Wake in the morning
feeling sadness
wondering what you did
and was it bad?

Reflecting the reasons
you do what you do
a cog in the wheel
tightening the screw.

It won't go away
eating you inside
no self guidance
infallible pride.

Will you ever be happy?
make your own way?
maybe God will help you
lecture you ,and say?

Its the way you are
try to survive
grow and flourish
come alive.

The pain is great
living a lie
sometimes the only answer
is to give up and die!

Your conscience won't let you
temptations are near
your body succumbs
and here grows the fear.

The padlock falls
on the barbed wire gate
happiness will come
if you patiently wait.

If you love yourself
others will follow
the hole fills up
and is no longer hollow.

The sun shines again
you have a reason to "be"
like flowering shrubs
and the old Elm tree.

Do not give up
when emotions are high
at least in this lifetime
give it a try!

A torturous fight against substance abuse... at the end of the day, who wins?

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Friday, 28 October 2011


You capture my heart
you sing my song
I've never felt scared
since you came along.

Your smile melts my heart
your presence is dear
your face is evident
in a fountain that's clear.

The voice of an Angel
you lighten my life
your strength is my solace
you conquer my strife.

I watch you sleep
happy, content
I recapture our youth
Its heaven sent.

I thank the Lord 
for bringing you here
you wipe my brow
from a happy tear.

Sleeping soundly
I hold you tight
my inspiration
a pure delight.

Never taking for granted
the person you are
sweet and gentile
angelic by far.

So sleep like a baby
tomorrow is another day
when our lives will be fulfilled
as long as you stay.

For all the lovers out there ;)

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It is getting near that time of Year
when bangs and bombs appear
kids throwing fireworks in the air
no fret ,worry, or fear.

Pensioners are terrorised
animals live in fear
from careless handling
this time of Year.

Why not go to an organized display?
for a couple of pounds at most
you will experience a wonderful show
and be as warm as toast.

A huge bonfire with a guy
burns at a safe distance
kids all love the spectacular views
desirable in an instance.

The colours of the fireworks
are beautiful to admire
still the bonfire goes full blaze
burning sparklers far from the fire.

Spare a though for the poor animals
especially your best friend
the amplified noise of the bangers
drive them round the bend.

There is no need to be in danger
if fireworks are handled with care
don't be a clown or an idiot
don't try to frighten or scare.

Every Year thousands are hurt
leading to badly burned or worse
in the wrong hands Fireworks can be
a terrifying deadly curse.

Also spare a thought for Emergency Services
who work very hard to save YOU
from Fire-fighters and Ambulances
twenty four hours with a skeleton crew.

Here we are again folks nearing bonfire night, This is a time of Year when the kids love fireworks, why not go to an Organized display, the kids will love it, the adults are responsible for the fireworks and the chance of anyone getting hurt is a million to one.
We also have to take into consideration our pets, especially Dogs, they go demented with fireworks going off and often cower under beds to get away from the noise.
There are various aids these days which calm your pet down, but why go to that expense when you can go to a Display, for a couple of pounds it is value for money and the kids love it, and adults as well.

Be safe this fireworks night and let the adults take control.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011


Amy was just fourteen
when she decided to run
her life was insufferable
never knowing any fun.

Her parents abused her daily
mentally she was drained
she had to break the monotony
relationships badly strained.

She felt she was unloved
used as a slave all day
her opinions never mattered
she never got her say.

Badly advised by a friend
to make off and never come back
seek her fortune in this World
new days would never be black!

Vulnerable and lonely
nothing was keeping her here
she packed whatever she could
excited without any fear.

Amy jumped on a bus
unperturbed where it would go
dreamily gazing out the window
finally she could grow.

Landing in a strange Town
she never knew a soul
walking till her feet ached
dying to meet her goal.

She was befriended by a guy
three times her age or more
he gave her food and shelter
when he went he locked the door.

Vulnerable and innocent
Amy took what she could
he seemed so kind at first
she thought he did her good.

Then things started to change
he became possessively weird
she wanted to get out of there
the worst was to come she feared.

He brought some other guys
into her little place
she heard them whisper softly
but never saw a face.

Men as old as her granddad
passed money to guy
by now she suddenly realised
it was her they wanted to buy.

Amy didn't know what to do
she had to escape this place
but there were no windows in the room
just all walls in this space.

As the old guy approached her door
she froze in fear of her life
thinking she had escaped from abuse
and now engulfed in strife.

She made a dash for the door
as the guy let someone in
this was her only chance
the only way to win.

Amy escaped with her life
stopping a Policeman on her way
cold, scared, agitated
she couldn't find the words to say.

Social Services were called
Amy was taken into care
safe in a new environment
no more pain she would have to bare.

This is fictional, or is it? so many young people boys and girls, run away from their horrible existence to find a better life, only to be led into a false sense of security in the mean bad World, they are taken in by adults who have one motive and that is to turn them into child prostitutes, this happens Worldwide, even in the UK.

Do you know of anyone like Amy?

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Thursday, 6 October 2011


You wake up in the morning
you feel inspired
even though the night before
you felt so tired.

Days can be long and drawn out
especially at work
sometimes things go wrong 
you feel like a Burk.

In the middle of the day
you want to retire
get home from work
maybe sit by the fire.

Dinner comes and goes
then its time to relax
forget about the day
and your income tax.

Pour a glass of wine
clear your mind
look forward to a time
when you can unwind.

When it comes to bedtime
the end of another day
soothed and comforted
ready to hit the hay.

Another day comes
repetitive from the last
common de ja vu
coming too fast.

The life we lead is hectic
all work and no play
that's the way we were raised
from our Birth- day.

We go through day by day with the same routine, work, rest, work rest, but what should we be doing with our lives?  will it get better?

Do you suffer from the dredge of routine?

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