Friday, 29 July 2011


Colorful prisms of light
set free from blackened cracked glass
forcing the darkness to illuminate
allowing an aroma of cut grass.

She never leaves her home
imprisoned within four walls
no one ever gets inside
feeling bound by a chain and ball.

A woman who once held respect
heavily into charity by day
a pillar of the community
people listened to what she would say.

Many years passed in her life
tragedy struck many times
family passed away, friends moved on
her son sent down for crimes.

Now her life was empty
her interest declined by day
nothing would get through to her
at home she was forced to stay.

Doctors tried in vain
to get her to leave her house
a frail, aged woman
as quiet as a mouse.

She felt she was misunderstood
no one knew how she felt
her illness killing her at speed
of which she was unwillingly dealt.

The fear to leave her house
finally took its toll
her heart gave up the battle
the final drum roll.

Many people in this World suffer from a disease called Agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, the above is fictional, it is an account of how someone may feel being subjected to this awful disease.
Thankfully there are many treatments for this disease, people do get help, but imagine what it is like being a prisoner in your own home?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011



Buffalo roared
in a dead quiet land
echo of ghosts
who can understand?

Clouds of dust
seen from afar
rumbling Earth
bright lit star.

Mother and young in
bathe in the night
no one to frighten them
ample moonlight.

Hunters ride
painted red
food for villagers
young need fed!

Smoke emerging
wafting in the breeze
dogs howling
then feeling at ease.

A marriage of two tribes
being as one
contented love
bearing a son!

Tribal chief rants
in his smoking tepee
happy with his lot
were he wants to be.

Children laughing
playing in the sun
horses feeding
girls having fun.

White man arrives
stealing the land
weapons of destruction
armies of grand.

A way of life
no peace remains
hunting their buffalo
sowing their grains.

Massacre afoot
both parties will lose
introduced to white mans ways
women and booze.

The end of an era
no where to go
learn to conform
unable to grow.

The land of our Fathers
no more little arrow
just mama, and papa
and a baby in tow.

Fascinated by History I decided to write this poem centring around the American Indian and how they must have felt when their way of life was destroyed.
This poem is fictional and does not point any fingers of blame towards anyone, it is merely intended to stir the memory..
Thank you for reading

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Friday, 22 July 2011


Up at 6 another day ahead
almost time to get the kids up for school
breakfast is a chaotic time
all for one, hardly a rule.

Toast for Johnny, cereal for sue
while dad shouts "weres my socks"?
Tammy the cat is meowing at my feet
Tommy speedily rocks.
Joan is crying her cereal has spilled
the dog licks his lips in delight
Johnny complains, no lunch prepared
they all moan and fight.

Get the kids dressed, iron a shirt
turn the dishwasher on
hubby groaning in the background
having a dig at Joan.
Breakfast is over, time to go
dad drops the older ones at school
little Joan sits with her empty bowl
thinking wow this is cool.

Joan at nursery time for my chores
the vacuum is ready to go
dusting around the numerous ornaments
while washing joans baby grow.
Shopping to do, clothes to prepare
the maintenance man is due
sitting at home. freezing to death
its a wonder I don't have the flu.
The boiler packed in, no heat as such
except with my rushing around
I wonder how much it will cost this time
to make it new and sound.
Just as I think I am finished for now
its nearly that time again
collect the kids form school and nursery
and plenty to do after then.
Grab a coffee read a mag
then hang the laundry out
prepare the dinner feed the cat
try to search old Barney out..
By the time I settle its bedtime
I am dreaming of peace in my life
but who would have it any other way
its the pearls of a Mother and wife.

This is a tribute to all you lovely gals out there who keep it all together in a busy family household.Amongst the chaos and turmoil of family life you deserve an applause for all the hard work you do on a daily basis.


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Thursday, 21 July 2011



People in your life come and go
but some they stay with you
through thick and thin in sadness or strife
they last your whole life through.

Tragedy strikes when you least expect
good people are taken away
the time has come to leave this Earth
a place  they cannot stay.

But impressions are left from the hearty ones
they leave you with their mark
whilst always shining goodness around them
covering every soul in the dark.

I know an Angel is looking down
showering her family with love
dragging her fingers in a pool of light
beaming down from above.

You showered this earth with kindness
always reaching out to your friends
your heart was as precious as gold itself
A  power would set  new trends.

Rest in peace the shell is now empty
but the soul will never lay down
you will always be in our hearts and minds
your Royalty a Queen with a crown..

I wrote this poem for a dear friend who sadly passed a few years ago, I thought I would air it on my blog, She was a kind soul and was sadly missed by all...

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Its only when you suffer you can relate
to people in pain all the time
they cannot take medicine ,cannot get relief
its like your being punished for a crime.

You cannot think never rest
your body just wants to scream
it isn't self inflicted it isn't what you want
your not in a nightmarish dream.

keep taking the medication
is the advice we all get
so we watch the clock in vain
you might as well prepare yourself
because inside its just gonna rain.

Give the tablets a chance
they do not work miracles
they take a while to adjust
but just as you think there's a glimmer of hope
your brain feels as if it will bust.

Eventually you awake
the pain all gone
you see life from a different view
but you cannot forget the agony you suffered
or when the next time it will be due!!

We all suffer in life at one !time or the other from pain, some pain never goes away, some pain is dull, some just irritates you in the background.We all know the complexities of the human body and what we can expect suffering from different pain.

Have you suffered badly with pain?

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Friday, 15 July 2011



I used to see you
every day
got used to your voice
and what you had to say.

I sensed things were unpleasant
lately you don't smile
your words full of poison
filled with bile.

Still you stay
sleeping in the spare room
talking in your sleep
sweeping like a broom.

Despite this we love you
the best dad in the World
your life complicated
needing unfurled.

You sit with Mon
not a sound can be heard
we all look at each other
feeling absurd.

Why do you both live
in pain and strife?
once a happy couple
Husband and Wife.

Our school life suffers
with what's going on
no smile on OUR faces
frowned upon.

Now when we wake
you are not here
what happened to you?
we live in fear.

No calls or letters?
to make our day
why blame us?
is what we say.

Are you happy Dad?
we need you to call
we want to see you
desperately is all.

Now you are called
our weekend Dad
life is unfair
Bobby is dad!

We go to the movies
play games in the park
at least we are together
not living in the dark.

Mom now smiles
seems happy again
sleeps more soundly
not like back then.

We see you both separately
its better than nothing at all
it took many years
when we were all small..

This is told from a child point of view, the older of the two, the consequence of when couples break up, it takes a long time for children to adapt, however it should go smoothly providing both parties are amicable.

Do you know a family like this??

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011



Swimming in a sea of despair
darkness all around
tempted by the other side for once
so near to it I found

One battle, too many wars
and still you are battle scarred
endless music in ghostly symphonies
egotistically marred

walking along this tunnel so dark
light seems never to be found
walls so cold with dampness rife
unpicturesque and unbound.

Charred ruins of "come what may"
echo near your face
touching, prodding ,beckoning you
in your own disgrace.

Escape this torture, give in to me
the light you may never see
just as you exist for now
you know it will never be.

Suicide is on the mind of many, this fictional poem delves into the mind of someone who may have considered this one time in their life.

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Monday, 11 July 2011


Viewing the World through a microscope
at times you don't like what you see
unbalanced, unfair, shameful
determines how it must be.
It depends were you came from
to determine life's fate
being born into hardship
is not to self create.
Some are born into grandeur
poverty they will never know
wealth through the blood
lots of dough.
Happiness doesn't mean riches
if your satisfied with your lot
just think of the homeless
in case you forgot.
Money doesn't buy health
or can make you live forever
we will all die one day
whether, rich,poor,or clever.
Just be who you are
live your life in peace
don't worry about tomorrow
or when life will cease.
We are all governed by time
and one day it will run out
there are no pockets in a shroud
or a voice, to scream or shout.

Whether you are born, rich or poor, one day it will all mean nothing, we all come into the World with nothing and will indeed leave with nothing, there are no pockets in a shroud, maybe we will get peace then, when we have nothing to financially worry about..

Do you worry about money?

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Friday, 8 July 2011



I was growing up in the seventies
with long hair and flared jeans
experimenting with colored hair
wedged shoes, and hating greens.

Big brother was a working lad
and our sisters worked hard too
mum had a job in an office block
and dad was on the brew.

School was good  in primary
we even got free milk
lunch was tasty and wholesome
custard as smooth as silk.

Teachers were as hard as nails
the belt was the punnishment then
a leather strap shaped like a snake
more powerful than the pen.

After school club was fun at night
it kept you off the streets
violence wasn't a thing well known
there were plenty of bobby's on beats.

The nights were long the sun was warm
there was plenty to do outside
friends were plentiful sports well known
your hobby was your pride.

Music was laid back, popular to all
like queen and the rolling stones
tv was magic star trek was cool
from Mr Spock to "Bones"

A great part of my life was then
good times were had by all
yes there were bad times and some sad
but back then life was a ball

I was a Seventies child, things back then were so laid back, there was unemployment but not on a grand a scale as now, discipline meant discipline, you were scared of teachers, and adults, we made our own entertainment, never got bored.

What do you remember the most about your teens?

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


The days were long and drawn
life started off so cool
married and in love
everything was cool.

Slowly things would change
nothing she did was right
arguments were frequent
leading to many a fight.

Violence reared its ugly head
beaten too scared to retaliate
broken, battered exhausted
the ultimate fate.

Then an idea struck her
a way to escape her hell
no one would even notice
no witnesses to tell.

One night they went sailing
he thought she could not swim
a storm arose in full that night
a way to get rid of him!

The boat lost its mooring
nearly to capsize
she was hidden from the view
escape would be her prize.

Unknown to her husband
she had lessons behind his back
now was the opportunity
knowing he could not keep track.

She swam to the beach
oblivious to his cries
battered and forlorn
hiding with a disguise.

She moved to another Town
changed her name
strangers took to her kindly
never knew her shame.

Her husband was not stupid
clues made him think
he found her wedding ring
in the kitchen sink.

He finally caught up with her
confrontation was at hand
enraged by her deception
finally he would understand.

Violence to him was the answer
as he tried to end her life
she got the better of him then
his lowly ,cunning wife.

She found the courage to confront him
finding a loaded gun
he dropped  like a sack of potato's
witnessed by no one.

Guess the movie time again folks, this is another easy one, inspired by a classic movie, shown on TV last night.
One of the best movies ever made, so I am sure you ALL will guess it, have fun, and  as always thank you all for taking part...

What is your fav movie of all time..?

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Friday, 1 July 2011


On a day of unrest
Teachers walked out of schools
thousands were closed
because of Government fools.

Pensions were the reason
being asked to work on and on
no money at the end of it
the topic frowned upon.

Its a fact people live longer
but it should be their choice
why should they work longer?
and why would they rejoice?

Less money, more hours
and cuts at the end of the day
lower pensions ,are they mad?
no wonder they want their say.

This Government is crazy
making a lot of noise
making u turns on policies
sometimes with no choice.

This Country is in turmoil
as unrest will only grow
today we saw the start of it
reaping what we sow.

We all know there is no money
strikes may seem a waste
but people are getting fed up
brimming with bad taste.

Pensions are very important
whether you retire on time or not
but the way things are going
old age will soon be forgot.

Whether you work longer or not
should be up to you
we all know money is tight
and the Country is feeling blue.

When you start interfering with life
people go up in arms
no matter what is said
or what the worldly charms.

Today Teachers, lecturers and the like had taken strike for pension rights, many schools were closed , the argument is about pensions, the lowering of pension costs, working longer in life over pensionable age and getting less pension when they do retire.

I think it is ridiculous that people may be forced to work longer, we all agree people live longer these days but that does not mean we should all work until we "drop"

What are your views?

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