Monday, 31 January 2011


They come in droves
buy their stuff
kids in tow
had enough.

The aisles are busy
nowhere to turn
the trolleys are greased
ready to burn.

Items tossed in
to the metallic cage
in a desperate hurry
just like road rage.

Forgetting the essentials
the mind goes blank
need lots of money
from the piggy bank.

Chocs and crisps
piled up high
anything sensible
you just pass by.

wine and beer
a must for the weekend
while the sober glance
try to pretend.

when you get to the checkout
 in your trolley things appear
the kids throwing in sweets
scared to come near.

Carrier bags full
groceries done
its now time to relax
have some fun.

We all have to do it, whether we like it or not, go shopping, or we dont eat, personally I hate any kind of shopping, but there re folks out there who do like it...

Do you like shopping??

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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Riot torn streets
people with arms
the Government losing control
and also its charms.

The people are unhappy
with the reforms
so they say it with violence
and now the rage storms.

What uncertainty lies
in this present clime
bogged down with unrest
uncalled for crime.

Still they don't move
they think they are right
so the people will struggle
argue and fight.

Is the answer violence?
seems it is so
so how can you win
how can you grow?

No one giving in
everyone thinks its right
up to seventy dead
so far from the fight.

World leaders pleading
get it sorted out
everyone involved
knowing what its about.

Looting and vandalism
in streets by day
the Public shouting
having their say.

Soldiers opening fire
on innocent men and boys
having not had a war
playing with their toys.

When will it end
before talks begin
all of these people
dead, its a sin.

As the rioting and looting rages in Egypt, as per usual the Whole World is involved with the unrest in Egypt.
Why does it always take death for Government officials to take heed at the people?
This could very well be us, as we are faced with horrendous decisions being made in Government in this Country.

How do you feel about the situation in Egypt?

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


On a cold January day
it was decided they would March
Mothers, sons and daughters
Fathers by the arch.

Peace was the ambition
coldly organized that day
many wanted harmony
but wanted their say.

The leaders stood at the forefront
brothers in arms, very proud
they would walk down the street in protest
shouting very loud.

The Army waited for them
determined to stop the rally
demanding the leaders cease
bodies they would tally.

What started of peacefully
ended in bloody rage
no one had predicted it
no one read the page.

The British Army patrolled
under orders to stop them dead
positioned , in precision
prepared and well fed.

All too soon the sound of gunfire
as innocent people fell
The 30th of January 1972
a date that rings a bell?

What happened that day was horrific
and should never happen again
Sunday bloody Sunday was the title
we will never forget then.

This is the anniversary of the Sunday Bloody Sunday killings in Northern Ireland ,when 13 unarmed people were shot dead by British soldiers during a peaceful demonstration.
The whole tragedy was horrific, the Army were prepared for trouble but were they prepared for death?

Lest we never forget.

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Sunday, 23 January 2011


She cowers over a one bar fire
frightened that she cannot pay
the cold bites in unforgiveness
shocking for such a day.

Clad all day wrapped up at night
frightened to catch the cold
such as it is for people these days
especially the old.

Huge conglomerates clasp their hands
as winter brings in the bucks
do they care? no they don't
such is life and it sucks.

Prices raised at an all time high
fuel is expensive to produce
even by nature giving a hand
when will there be a truce?

Wind farms evident on our lands
so why does it cost them so much?
bonuses given to the men in charge
screwing the people as such.

Soon we will have to burn our goods
in order that we stay warm
relying on weather and its force
and hoping for never a storm.

Electricity rockets as does Gas
so everyone pays the price
wouldn't it be good if they shared the profits
yes it would be nice.

Fuel prices are soaring and it will not get any better, even with things such as wind farms huge companies still make us suffer with increasing fuel costs.For some it is too much and they cannot afford to burn fuel to keep themselves warm, statistics show especially the elderly are prone to hypothermia in the winter months.

Do you think fuel prices are at a ridiculous cost?

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


You come in all shapes and sizes
can be a treat or maybe an obsession
I love you but you make me heavy
I try to beat your suppression.

Whether you are light or dark
have other ingredients within
your smoothness makes me salivate
be happy, and sometimes I grin.

You are expensive these days to buy
but what do I care about that?
I will find the money to buy you
the argument ends at that.

Your made of milk and cocoa
blended to a fine smooth bar
I cannot wait to undress you
your sweetness is greater by far.

As long as your not guzzled
or too much of you is consumed
I can save you for another day
when alone and marooned.

We all get addicted to you
the comfort you can bring
would make Angels smile
and the birds sing.

A friend of mine (Trisha) wrote a poem concerning chocolate, here is my version of how I relate to it, everyone loves it, please pop over to her blog to read her version of the poem.

Do you like chocolate??

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


A woman walks to work in freezing conditions on January 4, 2010 in London, England.  Much of the country is in the grip of freezing weather with snow and ice disrupting transport across the UK, as people return to work after the Christmas break. The MET office confirmed that the Christmas period has been the coldest for 25 years with temperatures as low as -17C  being recorded in Scotland.
The days grow long and cold
winter still reigns
we shiver deep inside
of bitterness that remains.

Icy cold winds
bite at your being
the sun forever far
never really seeing.

Frosted grass of white
carpets miles afar
the fire blazing hard
no doors left ajar.

Soon to be warmer
as the months slide by
temperatures rising
then bodies will fry.

Look forward to a time
when the light lasts more hours
dark days gone
warming colored flowers.

The spring air coming soon
no more Arctic freeze
lo and behold
a warmer spring breeze. 

The UK still freezes, January is always a chilling month, roll on the warmer weather..

Is it warm or cold were you live?

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011


She lies in the gutter
ragged, half clothed
sickness on her lips
nearly betrothed.

Responsibility nil
passers-by tut
spewing unkindness
branded a slut.

Clasping a glass
full with bitterness
trying to compose herself
tidying her dress.

Profanities flying
no care or respect
onlookers seething
littering neglect.

How can you end up
being this way
you were a lady
the other day.

Now we see you
in this mess
torn and tattered
no one can address.

Soon to wake up
in a prison cell
no one to support you
but "what the hell"

Drunk and abusive
the charge is given out
not my little daughter
without a doubt.

Shame lasts forever
all for one night
but never mind dear
you will still fight.

Teenage Alcohol abuse is at an all time high, you read the papers, you watch the news and you see it on a daily basis, whats happening? It is about time this lousy Government take action to help the youth of today instead of making their lives ten times more difficult.

Do you think teenage alcoholism is an issue were you live?

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Monday, 3 January 2011


Now the festivities are over
we sit back and count the cost
wonder how much we have spent
how much has been lost.

As the sales come thick and fast
who has money to spend?
temptation of half price items
encourages the end.

Items you paid full price for
a couple of months before
are now costing almost nothing
and are walking out the door.

As your credit card is stretched
maybe you can afford some more
the shops know what they are doing
yes they know the score.

Televisions hundreds of pounds cheaper
Playstations, computers ,all cheap
for the people who were spendthrift
they win, while we all weep.

It pays to be wise at Christmas
as the winner is the person who waits
they get the bargains in the end
and are clever with money to create.

Here we are again folks, we paid hundreds of pounds for goods leading up to xmas, and yet after the year the same goods are hundreds of pounds cheaper, its really weird how shops cannot give you bargains as the January sales at christmas lol, but they want to create as much revenue as possible. Hats of to the frugal who wait till after the year and get a few bargains, you are clever.

Do you have money to spend at the sales?

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