Thursday, 22 December 2011


Traffic horrendous
people rushing around
shops fit to busting
more gifts found.

Santa breathing heavy
not long to go
lists from children
in a steady flow.

Panic in the streets
last minute deals
perfume half price
a third of heels.

Its a shame we all panic
this time of the Year
adults in a state
shedding a tear.

What we need to remember
its only for one day
so calm down, relax
ignore the foray.

Stocked up food
supermarket queues
all for one day
feeling the blues.

Almost a week later
its all in the past
why did you panic?
run yourself ragged fast?

We all love Christmas
it comes every Year
as we dodge the traffic
and sweat with fear.

Enjoy your time
you can relax now
you finally did it
wipe your brow.

The sheer chaos Christmas causes is laughable, we all run riot, getting that last minute present, forgetting the batteries for the kids toys, we boldly go were no man has gone before, into shops so busy you can't breathe, and at the end of the day we realise, its all for ONE DAY...
people panic buy groceries because they think they won't get any for a while, when all along the shops are only closed for ONE day...
These are my observations and I bet every one recognizes and relates to this poem...

Enjoy your festive period...

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