Tuesday, 13 December 2011


It's coming to that time of Year
when everyone shares a cup o cheer
the purse comes out, wallets thin
shopkeepers chant and always win.

Kids make a list, parents are scared
wondering how the credit card fared
Santas grotto lookin good
elves and reindeer eat their food.

But spare a thought for the less well off
no money to spend ,unlike a "toff"
toys will be scarce, food as well
Christmas time seems a lot like hell.

Children crying with a sore belly
no playstation hifi or even a telly
content with anything they get this year
while mum and dad shed a tear.

Poverty is rife all year round
nothing to eat, no money found
appreciation of the little they get
feeling left out ,a day to forget.

So while you have a wonderful day
eating your dinner, warm all the way
save a thought for the hard up guys
Santa won't be coming, no mince pies.

We spend millions at Christmas every year, whether its on the never never, credit, or cash, but we all have a wonderful time, or do we? these days millions of families are living on the breadline, they cannot afford to eat let alone have a Merry Christmas, share a though for them..

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