Thursday, 22 December 2011


Traffic horrendous
people rushing around
shops fit to busting
more gifts found.

Santa breathing heavy
not long to go
lists from children
in a steady flow.

Panic in the streets
last minute deals
perfume half price
a third of heels.

Its a shame we all panic
this time of the Year
adults in a state
shedding a tear.

What we need to remember
its only for one day
so calm down, relax
ignore the foray.

Stocked up food
supermarket queues
all for one day
feeling the blues.

Almost a week later
its all in the past
why did you panic?
run yourself ragged fast?

We all love Christmas
it comes every Year
as we dodge the traffic
and sweat with fear.

Enjoy your time
you can relax now
you finally did it
wipe your brow.

The sheer chaos Christmas causes is laughable, we all run riot, getting that last minute present, forgetting the batteries for the kids toys, we boldly go were no man has gone before, into shops so busy you can't breathe, and at the end of the day we realise, its all for ONE DAY...
people panic buy groceries because they think they won't get any for a while, when all along the shops are only closed for ONE day...
These are my observations and I bet every one recognizes and relates to this poem...

Enjoy your festive period...

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Monday, 19 December 2011


To all my readers Worldwide
I wish you all the best
your visits here have made my year
I am glad you came here to rest.

Christmas time is a time to share
when goodwill is a must
join in harmony, with a cup of cheer
 a time to learn to trust.

I appreciate each one of you
for visiting here as you do
special comments you do leave
each time you come and view.

May your Christmas be very special
and you get what you desire
with lots of surprises and wishes
and mulled wine by the tempting fire.

Thank you friends I am honoured
you chose to spend some time
on this my poetry blog
enjoying my verse and rhyme.

Happy Christmas to ALL my wonderful readers,  you are very special to me, you visit my blog on a regular basis and you have no idea how much that means to me.
May all your dreams come true, and thank you very much.


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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


It's coming to that time of Year
when everyone shares a cup o cheer
the purse comes out, wallets thin
shopkeepers chant and always win.

Kids make a list, parents are scared
wondering how the credit card fared
Santas grotto lookin good
elves and reindeer eat their food.

But spare a thought for the less well off
no money to spend ,unlike a "toff"
toys will be scarce, food as well
Christmas time seems a lot like hell.

Children crying with a sore belly
no playstation hifi or even a telly
content with anything they get this year
while mum and dad shed a tear.

Poverty is rife all year round
nothing to eat, no money found
appreciation of the little they get
feeling left out ,a day to forget.

So while you have a wonderful day
eating your dinner, warm all the way
save a thought for the hard up guys
Santa won't be coming, no mince pies.

We spend millions at Christmas every year, whether its on the never never, credit, or cash, but we all have a wonderful time, or do we? these days millions of families are living on the breadline, they cannot afford to eat let alone have a Merry Christmas, share a though for them..

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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Trusted by his peers
responsible for life
patients in his care
and a dotting wife.

He was never shy at all
and sometimes went too far
his female patients were concerned
left with an emotional scar.

Then his dirty deeds got out
he was struck off and faced ridicule
one of his patients reported him
caught, unmasked, uncool.

Faced with embarrassment
he took his life
leaving many debts
and an angry wife.

Later that Year
his wife lost her son
determined to reek revenge
on the woman who won.

She took a job
to be closer to her prey
she looked after the family
and planned by day.

Bit by bit she plotted
every step of the way
she would have her blood
and enjoy the foray.

In the end she tried
to kill his wife
by hiding her medication
to end her life.

Eventually she was found out
and it all hit the fan
she slept with the husband
a gullible man.

A disturbed lady of evil
never succeeded with her goal
out cold in the greenhouse
with an unbalanced soul.

Here we are friends, long time awaiting, guess the movie, one of my all time favourites, go on have a go, It isn't a difficult one, but then I always say that lol..

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Saturday, 3 December 2011


I'm invited to a dark place
I think that I should go
nothing here to keep me
no room to blossom or grow.

A place  dark and endless
naked bodies all around
deadened eyes blackened
void of any sound.

Walking on for miles
nothing can be seen
touching ice cold humans
were have they been?

The air is full of stench
nothing wastes away
living on forever
no one wants to stay.

Round and around we go
no doors open here
just the feeling of remorse
dread and fear.

The only time it ends
is if your lucky to see the light
but there's always something around
you can never try to fight.

I'm invited to a dark place
I think I will not go
as witnessed in my darkest hour
I will continue to grow.

If you ever suffered from some sort of depression in your life you will relate to this poem, more and more people these days suffer from depression and find dark days in their lives, always fighting to see the light,sometimes they do, other times they feel they will always be in the dark.

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