Thursday, 10 November 2011


Private Stephanie Manson.

You watch them grow
from a tiny seed
their first steps
a mouth to feed.

Watch them get educated
be there when they hurt
keep boys at bay
when they try to flirt.

Be their banker
drive them around
keep them polite
safe and sound.

When they mature
you are still proud
putting up with music
that's very loud.

You hope they do well
in their later years
be there to comfort them
dry those tears.

Life may not always work
as they live day by day
but give them the power
to have their say.

At the end of the day
you love your own
even though sometimes
you grump and groan.

The choice was made
and here we are
joining the British Army
has raised the bar.

I am  a VERY proud Father, my daughter has joined the British Territorial Army, she decided this was going to be her career path, still in the early days of training, she has passed All of her tests thus far, she works very hard, All the family are very proud of her achievements and will support her throughout her career.

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