Saturday, 26 November 2011


When you waken each day
you hope it will shine
you will conquer the World
and say its all "mine"

Be positive all day
try not to forget
that life is good
and its what you will get.

There are people worse off
even in this new age
poor and starving
boiling with rage.

They have nothing to live for
no hope , no aid
no guardian angel
their lives just fade.

There is money out there
but its owned by the few
in one hundred lifetimes
it may never be YOU.

Be content you are warm
in your two up, two down
food in your bellies
enough water to drown!

In this time of uncertainty
of financial stress
Countries are toiling
people earn less.

No work for the young
so they waste away
nothing to do
by night or day.

Crime at its highest
they take what they see
no care for the law
nothings for free!

When will it end
when we are all dead?
so we need to get a grip
and listen to what's said.

Financial strain, families on the poverty line, the rich getting richer, fat cats all over the World, kids facing high unemployment, nothing to do, no one taking on apprenticeships because the Government are cutting jobs, were will it all end? do we see a rosy future? I think not.

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