Tuesday, 8 November 2011


She walks the streets of London
Her hair matted, straw dry
a face yellow and jaundiced
It would make a fellow human cry.

No one dared approach her
She scowled then roared like a bear
This was her defence for survival
gullible, no defence, unfair.

Begging at every street corner
trying to survive each day
no one ever communicated
nothing they could say.

She walked all day, slept at night
One eye open at all times
did this girl deserve this life?
A lass involved with crimes?

An existence going sadly unnoticed
Everyone would pass her in disgust
How could anyone live this way?
in the depths of despair being thrust..

Labelled without even knowing her
Assumptions made by the way she appeared
Maybe the reason she lived this way
Could be something in her past she feared?

No one bothered, no one cared
as she ploughed on with her life
no kind word, no respect
just a life full of despair and strife.

She still walks the streets of London
Growling at everyone in sight
Probably she will die in her current demise
no stamina, self respect, or fight.

More and more each day the homeless list grows, some choose that way of life, whilst others have no choice.Young kids being forced on the streets for all reasons, trying to get away from abuse, or parents who simply do not care.

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