Sunday, 20 November 2011


I cant go anywhere without you
I need you in my life
feel naked when your not around me
your as close as my dear wife.

I fill you with lots of goodies
trapped in darkness for hours
you keep my bananas fresh
and protect my food from showers.

My man bag is such a treasure
I take good care of it
I'm careful what I put inside you
try not to fill you with s"£$t.

As the deodorant rattles with pleasure
the pens all jump for joy
you can only go with a man to work
not a girl or a little boy.

I hope you last forever
into my golden age
and if anyone decides to slag you
I will blow up in a rage.

More and more these days men have "man bags" usually a satchel, we take it everywhere we go, especially to work, this is a bit of fun for any guy who carries a man bag :)

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