Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Do you see YOU
as I see you
broken and scarred
feeling blue.

You wake each day
negativity rules your head
feelings of hatred
wishing you were dead.

Black clouds above you
follow you all day
barking and growling
need to have your way.

Never listen to anyone
you are always right
making things dark
when they should be bright.

Your way or no way
opinions never count
the glass half full
no numbers to count.

No respect for you
the World is a mess
harder and harder
your worth becomes less.

Cannot find love
no one will come near
your inability to love
you cannot shed a tear.

When the time comes
when you depart this World
your bitterness unfolds
deepness unfurled.

Alone in death 
as you were in life
you never knew goodness
just trouble and strife.

There are so many negative people out there today, people who only see black, people who never see the real life others have, their negative existence rules their heart, which makes them who they are.
Fortunately they are in minority, but we come across these people in our daily lives.

Do you know someone  the above poem describes?

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