Friday, 18 November 2011


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As we near the eventful night
when charity comes alive
making money for our children
to help them flourish and thrive.

Celebrities donate their time
to entertain us on the night
the public raise millions
even those out of sight.

In a World of money being scarce
when we face financial strain
this night brings out the generous
seeing sunshine through the rain.

The Great British Public are ready
to make our children smile
by donating what they can afford
it makes it all worthwhile.

For those who spend their time
in this worthwhile cause
we take our hats off to you
and give you a round of applause.

Children shouldn't be starving
in this day and age
or brought up in poverty
at a very early stage.

Money isn't everything
but we need it to live each day
but for those who have nothing
they do not have a say!

Dig deep fellow humanity
even if it is only a small amount
your money is doing a great deed
on this our children count.

Well folks its that time of Year, Children in need, a time for us all to dig deep , a time to help our kids get a fighting chance in life. Money is tight, we are all suffering these days, but there are always people worse off than YOU, so be generous this Year people, let the World see we look after our own, as we do Year in Year out.

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