Wednesday, 9 November 2011


He glares into the mirror
admiring what he sees
just out of the shower
feeling the "bees knees"

Up an hour early
to go through his ritual tasks
he would even forfeit breakfast
if any one asks!

His hair must be perfect
as he dawns his aftershave gel
spent hours at the mirror
only he can tell.

Then comes the straighteners
they should be heated by now
it looks like he is running late
his boss will "have a cow"

Standing at the mirror
he sweeps and sorts his hair
without a care in the World
knowing no one will stop and stare.

One hour and five minutes later
looking good and ready to roll
stepping out the front door
succeeding with his goal.

These days Boys/men are very concerned by the way they look, so much so they take as long, if not longer than a woman to get ready these days, spending ages in front of mirrors until they get the look 100 percent bang on, bet there are lots of fights as to who gets to the mirror first..

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