Sunday, 16 October 2011


Amy was just fourteen
when she decided to run
her life was insufferable
never knowing any fun.

Her parents abused her daily
mentally she was drained
she had to break the monotony
relationships badly strained.

She felt she was unloved
used as a slave all day
her opinions never mattered
she never got her say.

Badly advised by a friend
to make off and never come back
seek her fortune in this World
new days would never be black!

Vulnerable and lonely
nothing was keeping her here
she packed whatever she could
excited without any fear.

Amy jumped on a bus
unperturbed where it would go
dreamily gazing out the window
finally she could grow.

Landing in a strange Town
she never knew a soul
walking till her feet ached
dying to meet her goal.

She was befriended by a guy
three times her age or more
he gave her food and shelter
when he went he locked the door.

Vulnerable and innocent
Amy took what she could
he seemed so kind at first
she thought he did her good.

Then things started to change
he became possessively weird
she wanted to get out of there
the worst was to come she feared.

He brought some other guys
into her little place
she heard them whisper softly
but never saw a face.

Men as old as her granddad
passed money to guy
by now she suddenly realised
it was her they wanted to buy.

Amy didn't know what to do
she had to escape this place
but there were no windows in the room
just all walls in this space.

As the old guy approached her door
she froze in fear of her life
thinking she had escaped from abuse
and now engulfed in strife.

She made a dash for the door
as the guy let someone in
this was her only chance
the only way to win.

Amy escaped with her life
stopping a Policeman on her way
cold, scared, agitated
she couldn't find the words to say.

Social Services were called
Amy was taken into care
safe in a new environment
no more pain she would have to bare.

This is fictional, or is it? so many young people boys and girls, run away from their horrible existence to find a better life, only to be led into a false sense of security in the mean bad World, they are taken in by adults who have one motive and that is to turn them into child prostitutes, this happens Worldwide, even in the UK.

Do you know of anyone like Amy?

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