Saturday, 29 October 2011


Torn between emotions
scared to live
nightmares real
your soul can't forgive.

Strong feelings of fear
forgetting the task
to continue or not?
wearing the mask.

Being a shell
fragile, tender
turning to booze
daily bender!

Drowning reality
knowing what you are
falling off a stool
in a seedy Bar.

Wake in the morning
feeling sadness
wondering what you did
and was it bad?

Reflecting the reasons
you do what you do
a cog in the wheel
tightening the screw.

It won't go away
eating you inside
no self guidance
infallible pride.

Will you ever be happy?
make your own way?
maybe God will help you
lecture you ,and say?

Its the way you are
try to survive
grow and flourish
come alive.

The pain is great
living a lie
sometimes the only answer
is to give up and die!

Your conscience won't let you
temptations are near
your body succumbs
and here grows the fear.

The padlock falls
on the barbed wire gate
happiness will come
if you patiently wait.

If you love yourself
others will follow
the hole fills up
and is no longer hollow.

The sun shines again
you have a reason to "be"
like flowering shrubs
and the old Elm tree.

Do not give up
when emotions are high
at least in this lifetime
give it a try!

A torturous fight against substance abuse... at the end of the day, who wins?

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