Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It is getting near that time of Year
when bangs and bombs appear
kids throwing fireworks in the air
no fret ,worry, or fear.

Pensioners are terrorised
animals live in fear
from careless handling
this time of Year.

Why not go to an organized display?
for a couple of pounds at most
you will experience a wonderful show
and be as warm as toast.

A huge bonfire with a guy
burns at a safe distance
kids all love the spectacular views
desirable in an instance.

The colours of the fireworks
are beautiful to admire
still the bonfire goes full blaze
burning sparklers far from the fire.

Spare a though for the poor animals
especially your best friend
the amplified noise of the bangers
drive them round the bend.

There is no need to be in danger
if fireworks are handled with care
don't be a clown or an idiot
don't try to frighten or scare.

Every Year thousands are hurt
leading to badly burned or worse
in the wrong hands Fireworks can be
a terrifying deadly curse.

Also spare a thought for Emergency Services
who work very hard to save YOU
from Fire-fighters and Ambulances
twenty four hours with a skeleton crew.

Here we are again folks nearing bonfire night, This is a time of Year when the kids love fireworks, why not go to an Organized display, the kids will love it, the adults are responsible for the fireworks and the chance of anyone getting hurt is a million to one.
We also have to take into consideration our pets, especially Dogs, they go demented with fireworks going off and often cower under beds to get away from the noise.
There are various aids these days which calm your pet down, but why go to that expense when you can go to a Display, for a couple of pounds it is value for money and the kids love it, and adults as well.

Be safe this fireworks night and let the adults take control.

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