Thursday, 6 October 2011


You wake up in the morning
you feel inspired
even though the night before
you felt so tired.

Days can be long and drawn out
especially at work
sometimes things go wrong 
you feel like a Burk.

In the middle of the day
you want to retire
get home from work
maybe sit by the fire.

Dinner comes and goes
then its time to relax
forget about the day
and your income tax.

Pour a glass of wine
clear your mind
look forward to a time
when you can unwind.

When it comes to bedtime
the end of another day
soothed and comforted
ready to hit the hay.

Another day comes
repetitive from the last
common de ja vu
coming too fast.

The life we lead is hectic
all work and no play
that's the way we were raised
from our Birth- day.

We go through day by day with the same routine, work, rest, work rest, but what should we be doing with our lives?  will it get better?

Do you suffer from the dredge of routine?

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