Sunday, 25 September 2011


Is it any wonder?
that skies all turn to Gray
when pollution is growing
each new day!

Is it any wonder?
that some Countries are at war
with half the World fighting
and who knows what for.

Is it any wonder
children die of  neglect
every second of the day
so we should reflect.

Is it any wonder?
some humans cannot be free
when they take another life
and are too blind to see.

Is it any wonder?
cancer has no cure
when disease after disease
opens a new door.

Is it any wonder?
man hates fellow man
destruction inevitable
he does all he can.

Is it any wonder?
one can't see the light
when the tunnel is blocked off
no hope is in sight.

Is it any wonder
alcoholism is rife
man beating woman
husband beating wife.

Is it any wonder
happiness is rare
when there is too much sadness
and life isn't fair.

I suppose we can all relate to some or all of this, life throws many things at you, questions you toil to answer or sometimes you just want to forget..

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