Tuesday, 20 September 2011


He glances at the pile of washing
not sure what he should do
does he put his white shirt in
with a t shirt of dark blue?

Bedding, curtains, towels and clothes
all piled into the machine
 radio  playing in the background
pounding at its own steam.

switching on the washing machine
the other hand dusting the shelves
wow I didn't realize
I thought they cleaned themselves!

dishes packed on the counter
the sink has got a task
will he dawn his rubber gloves?
did you have to ask?

Time to go and make the bed
thinking its an easy chore
all you do is toss over the duvet
then its on the floor!

Time to put the kettle on
the sweat beats off his brow
running out of milk he sees
why not buy a cow!

The washing turns at a deadly pace
its a technological wizard
wait isn't that my boxer shorts?
flapping in the blizzard.

Time to get the vacuum out
designed to make life easy
but pushing this massive tube of plastic
makes your back feel queasy!

Doubled in a bout of pain
hobbling to the couch
housework isn't an easy task
in fact id say its OUCH!!!

Being single you have to do all the chores yourself, I know a lot of guys do their bit when it comes to helping their partner do the domestic chores but when your on your own you have to get on with it, by the time I have finished I am ready for the knackers yard lol, this is a piece of work probably harder than the full time job you do for a company lol.. its all in fun though hehe.

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