Friday, 19 August 2011


world trade center
On an ordinary day of 9/11
no one knew what lay ahead
death, mayhem, disaster
many injured or dead.

People working as normal
doing their daily chores
while a despot organised death
from far away shores.

Citizens of many Countries
business going well
nothing out the ordinary
no one could tell.

The destruction was devastating
people feared for their kin
the noise was overpowering
screaming over the din.

Fathers, sons, mothers
lay in a pile of rubble
while the World stood in shock
not realizing of the trouble.

The death toll spanned to thousands
as families waited in vain
anxious , nervous ,distraught
riddled with pain.

Many people helped that day
putting thier own life on the line
clouds of smoke, dusted streets
a City in decline.

This World will never forget
the day the towers were destroyed
countless lives , coldly lost
a day no one could avoid.

America calmly got over
one of their worst ever days
but they never will forget
and the terrorist always pays.

The day this happened shocked the World, who would have believed this could happen, terrorism is a scurge of any Society, this and every other disaster should never be forgotten.

RIP all who were lost on 9/11

Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


There was a spider
crawling on my floor
couldn't catch the blighter
to put out the door.

Every day my eyes were peeled
hoping it would show
not on the walls, or in a corner
were did it go?

Open windows are needed
on a hot summer night
but creatures of the outside
scamper for the light.

Giant moths fly in tune
dive-bombing by the second
no care for anything in its path
or a newspaper it never reckoned!

Still the search is on
for my spider house mate
were the heck did it go?
is it ready for its fate?

Scanning the floor, and the walls
still it does not appear
the thought of it still in my  house
is filling me with fear.

Our eight legged furry friends
have no idea how they panic
a man in his middle years
distraught and all too manic.

Just when its out of your mind
in the corner of your eye you see
your friend running on the floor
so cheeky and its free.

Deciding on what action to take
whether he will stand still or run
will you do the humane thing?
or shoot it with a  gun!

Panic comes all over me
as I stand in a frozen state
then he starts to make a run
and then it seals its fate.

Guilty for a moment
as you squash your friend to a pulp
then the fear is over
giving a final gulp.

I am TERRIFIED of spiders  well the big ones lol, I always have had a phobia towards them, I  tried so many times to do the humane thing, catch it with a tissue and put it out the window, it lasted a wee while then they started getting faster, evading me, and the thought of them being in the same room terrifies me.

Are you scared of spiders?

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


What is happening in our Country today
when all is not very well
looting, violence, lawlessness
and a lot more who can tell?

Youngsters smashing businesses
livelihoods going down the pan
some as young as fourteen
stealing what they can.

Police out in force, trying to save
property and lives by the hour
the news reporting every move
communities turning sour.

So what the hell is this all about?
no one seems to know
the violence and destruction continues
while tempers brew and grow.

When will this pointless rioting end?
will it have to go on and on?
while the Country is monitored by the World
in disgrace and frowned apon.

In parts of England the riots continue
while others watch in horror and disgust
the Country is already in trouble financially
at the point of nearly being bust.

Tax payers will foot the bill once more
to repair the damage done
we already pay enough as it is
no laughing matter and no fun.

Riots in England? what the hell is going on? what is this all about? I feel sorry for the small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet at the moment, and now face bankruptcy due to their businesses being torched, looted, and vandalised.
I also feel sorry for the innocent people being embroiled in this sad state of afairs having to foot the bill for this sad state of affairs.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I cannot sleep
wide awake
let me go
for goodness sake.
I toss and turn
like a restless dog
the wheels have stopped
with a broken cog.
My mind is active
it never stops
like thieves and robbers
being chased by cops!
Tried counting sheep
It was going all night
tossing and turning
darkness and light.
Go have a drink
to settle your brain
think of shutting down
listen to the rain.
Eventually will fall
into a deep dizzy sleep
but what time was it?
as you snore at a peep.
Up in the morning
still dead tired
so to you my dear brain
buddy you are FIRED.
Get to work
still half asleep
brain not engaged
man I could weep.
Try not to doze
concentrate on your day
for soon it is over
and your on your way.
Home after work
dare not sit down
as your eyes start closing
in your dressing gown.
Finally to bed
lights out straight away
forgetting the night before
to face another day.

Ever have a night that no matter how tired you are you simply cannot sleep? well I did last night, no matter what you do sleep evades you, eventually when your mind turns off, the brain shuts down and you get some sleep lol...

Thanks for reading..

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