Friday, 1 July 2011


On a day of unrest
Teachers walked out of schools
thousands were closed
because of Government fools.

Pensions were the reason
being asked to work on and on
no money at the end of it
the topic frowned upon.

Its a fact people live longer
but it should be their choice
why should they work longer?
and why would they rejoice?

Less money, more hours
and cuts at the end of the day
lower pensions ,are they mad?
no wonder they want their say.

This Government is crazy
making a lot of noise
making u turns on policies
sometimes with no choice.

This Country is in turmoil
as unrest will only grow
today we saw the start of it
reaping what we sow.

We all know there is no money
strikes may seem a waste
but people are getting fed up
brimming with bad taste.

Pensions are very important
whether you retire on time or not
but the way things are going
old age will soon be forgot.

Whether you work longer or not
should be up to you
we all know money is tight
and the Country is feeling blue.

When you start interfering with life
people go up in arms
no matter what is said
or what the worldly charms.

Today Teachers, lecturers and the like had taken strike for pension rights, many schools were closed , the argument is about pensions, the lowering of pension costs, working longer in life over pensionable age and getting less pension when they do retire.

I think it is ridiculous that people may be forced to work longer, we all agree people live longer these days but that does not mean we should all work until we "drop"

What are your views?

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