Friday, 15 July 2011



I used to see you
every day
got used to your voice
and what you had to say.

I sensed things were unpleasant
lately you don't smile
your words full of poison
filled with bile.

Still you stay
sleeping in the spare room
talking in your sleep
sweeping like a broom.

Despite this we love you
the best dad in the World
your life complicated
needing unfurled.

You sit with Mon
not a sound can be heard
we all look at each other
feeling absurd.

Why do you both live
in pain and strife?
once a happy couple
Husband and Wife.

Our school life suffers
with what's going on
no smile on OUR faces
frowned upon.

Now when we wake
you are not here
what happened to you?
we live in fear.

No calls or letters?
to make our day
why blame us?
is what we say.

Are you happy Dad?
we need you to call
we want to see you
desperately is all.

Now you are called
our weekend Dad
life is unfair
Bobby is dad!

We go to the movies
play games in the park
at least we are together
not living in the dark.

Mom now smiles
seems happy again
sleeps more soundly
not like back then.

We see you both separately
its better than nothing at all
it took many years
when we were all small..

This is told from a child point of view, the older of the two, the consequence of when couples break up, it takes a long time for children to adapt, however it should go smoothly providing both parties are amicable.

Do you know a family like this??

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