Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Its only when you suffer you can relate
to people in pain all the time
they cannot take medicine ,cannot get relief
its like your being punished for a crime.

You cannot think never rest
your body just wants to scream
it isn't self inflicted it isn't what you want
your not in a nightmarish dream.

keep taking the medication
is the advice we all get
so we watch the clock in vain
you might as well prepare yourself
because inside its just gonna rain.

Give the tablets a chance
they do not work miracles
they take a while to adjust
but just as you think there's a glimmer of hope
your brain feels as if it will bust.

Eventually you awake
the pain all gone
you see life from a different view
but you cannot forget the agony you suffered
or when the next time it will be due!!

We all suffer in life at one !time or the other from pain, some pain never goes away, some pain is dull, some just irritates you in the background.We all know the complexities of the human body and what we can expect suffering from different pain.

Have you suffered badly with pain?

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