Tuesday, 5 July 2011


The days were long and drawn
life started off so cool
married and in love
everything was cool.

Slowly things would change
nothing she did was right
arguments were frequent
leading to many a fight.

Violence reared its ugly head
beaten too scared to retaliate
broken, battered exhausted
the ultimate fate.

Then an idea struck her
a way to escape her hell
no one would even notice
no witnesses to tell.

One night they went sailing
he thought she could not swim
a storm arose in full that night
a way to get rid of him!

The boat lost its mooring
nearly to capsize
she was hidden from the view
escape would be her prize.

Unknown to her husband
she had lessons behind his back
now was the opportunity
knowing he could not keep track.

She swam to the beach
oblivious to his cries
battered and forlorn
hiding with a disguise.

She moved to another Town
changed her name
strangers took to her kindly
never knew her shame.

Her husband was not stupid
clues made him think
he found her wedding ring
in the kitchen sink.

He finally caught up with her
confrontation was at hand
enraged by her deception
finally he would understand.

Violence to him was the answer
as he tried to end her life
she got the better of him then
his lowly ,cunning wife.

She found the courage to confront him
finding a loaded gun
he dropped  like a sack of potato's
witnessed by no one.

Guess the movie time again folks, this is another easy one, inspired by a classic movie, shown on TV last night.
One of the best movies ever made, so I am sure you ALL will guess it, have fun, and  as always thank you all for taking part...

What is your fav movie of all time..?

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