Monday, 20 June 2011



What did we do before technology?
things were simple yesterday
children played outside
and had fun in their own way.
Adults would communicate
at the dinner table every night
televisions a pipe dream
kids would play fight.
People would play cards
smoke filled the air
no sight of a PC
corners looking bare.
The days of writing letters
has vanished without a trace
people were very creative
and spoke face to face.
Now we have email
or sending someone a text
no more writing paper
old fashioned in context.
Kids glued to game stations
no creativity in this age
brains fried , becoming a recluse
Constantly in a rage.
Knee bearing laptops
nothing else exists
imprisoned by technology
typing with clenched fists.
No conversation no"how as your day"
all caught in an unreal dimension
electricity meters running at pace
beyond anyone's apprehension.
What happened to the days when Families
played board games or got some fresh air?
fast foods and the internet
caused this fashionable nightmare.
Technology has killed the old fashioned ways
nothing left except micro chips
tapping away on the pc or phone
without even moving your lips.

Technology is a great thing these days, its amazing just what it can do, but, do you think it has killed some  social skills we used to have? like family time, communication to each other, getting out?
before computers took over our lives, people made their own entertainment, and I remember some of the things we did as kids, which involved getting out...

Do you think technology has killed  some of our social skills?

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